about us

The Flagship Events Company was established by Patch Reynolds and Ted Thorp.

They have both worked extensively in the yachting and hospitality industries.

Combining their backgrounds of event management and building, they have experience working with the most demanding clients and conditions onboard some of the world’s largest super-yachts. They have returned to New Zealand to put all this experience to good use by creating The Flagship Events Company.

From their experiences at home and abroad the pair have come to appreciate attention to detail, quality of craftsmanship and the simple level of elegance that makes some products a cut above the rest. This is what led them to the doors of the Sperry family on the East Coast of the USA.

They believed they had a shared philosophy on what it takes to make an event truly special.

They worked with them, talked with them and learned from them. They watched them mill the Spruce from their own forest for the spectacular centre poles, watched the hand sewing and stitching that goes in to every sail cloth canopy and most importantly got to understand the philosophy and passionate attention to detail that goes in to every single tent made by the Sperry Family.

They immediately knew they had found the right partner and then undertook the extraordinary logistics of getting home seven meter spruce poles, hundreds of meters of handmade sail cloth and the hundreds of detailed accessories required to bring a Sperry tent to life.

This is the first time such a tent has ever been seen on the New Zealand shores. The natural and elegant aspects of the Sperry tent combined with our beautiful landscapes, makes this an obvious choice for your special event.

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